Innovation laboratory IES @ Europe as an innovation driver for Austria

The IES Austria project has tackled the topic of interoperability for the first time and has developed a unique methodology and testing-possibility for the energy sector. The innovation laboratory IES@Europe offers services and knowledge based on its know-how, which comprehensively accompanies users and manufacturers in the process of ensuring long-term interoperability of data-based solutions.


Implementation of the methodology

The task of the innovation laboratory is to network the actors and support them in order to establish the necessary processes. The aim is to develop a number of current use cases (communication profiles) as quickly as possible, so that the processes experience broad acceptance. The methodology is communicated through a range of consulting services and workshops that support the rapid implementation of the processes. In addition, various synergies from the eHealth sector can be exploited. Close cooperation between the Innovation Laboratory and national and international R&D projects enables the necessary critical mass of implemented application cases to be achieved quickly.


Offer of expertise to carry out the tests

The innovation laboratory offers its expertise for carrying out tests, which is currently only anchored in Austria. The innovation laboratory will provide a test environment in the form of a software platform and tools to enable interoperability tests for manufacturers under realistic conditions in the form of peer-to-peer interoperability tests.


Networking at European level

The networking of the innovation laboratory within Europe is an essential part of the activities. To this end, contacts already exist with many European initiatives that have already shown interest in the IES methodology and further cooperation.

The innovation laboratory IES@Europe has the goal to anchor a coordinated, stable European implementation process including the sustainable development of the IES methodology in a multi-layered way in cooperation with international partners.

Companies that are already involved in the implementation of the processes in the initial phase can thus develop a pioneering role in the development of interoperably networked energy systems. This offers small, innovative companies in particular a great opportunity to position themselves in the international market.

Already during the project period of IES Austria numerous contacts to other networks could be established by publications and international spreading of the developed know-how. These are the basis for pushing forward a European initiative in the course of the innovation laboratory:

  • ETIP SNET National Stakeholder Coordination Group, ETIP SNET Working Group 4
  • ERA NET SES Knowledge Community , ERA NET SES projects
  • SETPLAN Implementation Plan (01/2018), Cross Cutting Action 4 (A4-IA0-5)
  • ISGAN Annex 6, IEA
  • VHPready e.V.
  • OE, BDEW, VDE, OVE, ASI, dena
  • IHE