Interoperability testing


'A Connectathon provides a unique opportunity for vendors to test the interoperability of their products in a structured environment with peer vendors. Participants test against multiple vendors using real world scenarios following Integration Profiles specifications.'  -- Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)  


'If you haven't been to the Connectathon this year, do not even start to talk about digitalisation'  -- A. Markowetz, Digitisation Expert and Interoperability Advocate


You can find more information about the 'IHE Conntectathon' interoperability test events in the health sector in the IHE-Europe Whitepaper on Connectathon, which explains in detail what the Connectathon is and how it is done. The topic is important for all sectors.


Connectathon Energy

The first Connectathon Energy was the Proof-of-Concept for the processes to achieve interoperability for the energy sector. Four manufacturers from Germany and Austria visiting the IHE Europe Connectathon from April 16-20 in The Hague (NL) successfully tested reference implementations of a virtual power plant. The open source test platform 'Gazelle' proved to be able to handle complex standards from energy sector such as IEC 61850, providing a key success factor for the energy transition.


At the IHE-Europe Connectathon 2018 in The Hague/ Netherlands, for the healthcare sector the processes are already established. Therefore 350 attendees of 70 vendors tested more than 3.000 transactions in 84 systems in reference to their interoperability at the IHE Connectathon, © Tim Nebel

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"Interoperability is when digitalisation becomes serious! Testing should be a culture!"

 Video No1: IES-Connectathon Impression (2:08 min.)  


"The energy community will reinvent itself and find new ways to navigate the complex waters of interoperability!"

Video No2: Various statements from different professionals (8:30 min.)


"Interoperability is when the world becomes magic!"

Video No3: The view from the outside (6:19 min.) with Alexander Merkowetz, Digitisation Expert and Interoperability Advocate.


"IHE has already been to the interoperability moon, they were successful in health care. The challenge now is to transfer this know-how to other business domains and use the experience wisely!"

Video No4: The view from the inside (6:00 min.) with Stefan Sauermann, Interoperability Expert and Founding Member of IHE Austria