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Announcement of Call for Proposals

 The European Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (JPP ERA-Net SES) in collaboration with the global Mission Innovation Initiative is pleased to announce the Joint Call 2023 on digital transformation for green energy transition (part of the MICall23 family, under Mission Innovation). The aim is to support transnational research and innovation activities unleashing the potential of digital transformation for a sustainable energy society. The Joint Call 2023 will be launched on 14 June 2023. A call launch event will take place on 13 June.

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Ankündigung - CETPartnership Joint Call 2023


The CETPartnership Joint Call 2023 is the second annual co-funded call under the CETPartnership. To cover different topics and RDI types, the Call is structured into Call Modules, aimed at different energy technologies and/or systems as well as both research and innovation oriented approach on different Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), complementing and completing each other.

General information about the call

Parts of the CETPartnership Joint Call 2023:

International Part: The international call is performed in 2-stages: submission of a pre-proposal followed by an invite to submit a full proposal. 

  • Stage 1: Submission of a pre-proposal, a project consortium chooses one Call Module for the pre-proposal. If the pre-proposal is selected, the project consortium is invited to submit a full proposal. 
  • Stage 2: Submission of a full proposal, only if the pre-proposal is invited to participate in Stage 2. 

National/Regional Part: All project partners will be evaluated according to national/regional eligibility criteria and requirements. Several Funding Agencies require submission of a proposal on national/regional level. See the respective national/regional requirements for more information.  

The Call includes the following eligibility criteria and requirements:

  • Transnational eligibility criteria, applicable for all project consortia applying to the Call
  • Call Module requirements, applicable for project consortia applying to Call Modules with specific requirements
  • National/regional requirements, applicable for Partners applying for funding from Funding Agencies in the Call.

Interessenten können sich bereits auf der Matchmaking Platform registrieren: Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) - Home (

Weitere Informationen direkt auf der Webseite: Joint Call 2023 | CETPartnership